Welcoming Myself Home

I went running last Sunday, at -15 degree Celsius, I felt the cold creeping up on me and finished my run slower than usual. Despite layers upon layers, I felt miserable.

So I skipped running on Monday and went out again only today, at -1 degree Celsius. I was surprised, it was pleasantly warm. “Spring is almost here,” I thought to myself.

It seems California sunshine has finally left my bones, and the German winter has embraced me. Goodbye California, hello Germany! Your lost child has returned.

Or maybe my brain hasn’t thawed yet from Sunday’s run.

Having Your Potato Chips and Eating Them Too

One of the more humorous questions to be found on the Internet is whether potato chips are vegetables. My favorite answer can be found below (original link):

Some of my friends wonder how and why I keep eating potato chips next to my expensive French cheese. Taste aside, it is easy to keep your calorie intake in check. For one, in Germany, package sizes are smaller to begin with. But you don’t have to eat the whole package. You can just take some and clip the packaging shut after that. It works and the potato chips stay fresh.

Naturally, if you pour it all into one big bowl and sit down in front of your TV, you might be in trouble:

So, it is much better to only take a portion and leave the rest in the bag. If you stick to that portion, you naturally curtail you calorie intake.

Now, I’ve seen people crush their chips:

Clearly, this is a horrible idea if you don’t set a defined portion in the beginning but go at it with a large spoon:

What sounds like a horrible idea, however, can be turned on its head by slowing down your intake, for example, by using chop sticks:

Using chop sticks and picking each crushed part on its own prolongs the overall eating time. Using a trick like chop sticks gives your body more time to speak up.

So, that’s it: (1) Curtail total intake by eating only defined protions and (2) handle your urge by prolonging the experience as much as you can.

Now, if the psychological issues of losing weight are not your problem and you are just interested in the mechanics, I of course recommend the original Hacker’s Diet for successfully losing weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition.