Ain’t no Siri (Voice-to-text Transcription)

I had never tried my Android phone’s speech recognition, so after all the hoopla about Siri I decided on the spot to try it. Below, I’m trying to communicate that I’ll come down at 5pm to meet a friend. Here’s Android’s first voice-to-text transcription attempt:

I think would be on time priscilla’s phone on the patio.

Uhmm… pardon my German, I thought, I’ll switch to English. So I tried again. Here’s the result:

OK I’ll resend them outside in the back and I’ll be waiting for you to bring my dog. I’ve calmed down now if you wanna come on now.

I’m glad I was taking to a good friend (who immediately suspected my account had been hacked). I guess I’ll stay with fumble fingers on my phone then for now…

Spam in the Twitter World

I received the following email this morning:

I am a dying woman and has been diagnosed with cancer. I have decided to will $6.1m to you for charity works. If interested… Reply

It fits Twitter’s 140 character limit, poor grammar and all. I wonder whether folks are receiving it by DM.

Ah, @TCFBank, Get Your Act Together

For the last two weeks, every single day I’ve been getting this email from

Your TCF account ending in 2671 is overdrawn and will incur a fee of $28 for each day it’s overdrawn. For your current balance, visit

Strange thing is, until I started receiving these emails, I had never heard of TCFBank. I’m not a customer, never was, and given their fees, never will be.

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