Stanford Oktoberfest 2011

Stanford’s German Student Association (SGSA) held its annual Oktoberfest event at Bechtel International Center yesterday. Having been SGSA’s president in 2003, this organisation and its socializing and cultural events hold a special place in my heart.

As a historical tidbit, I was asked about the band playing. I remarked that it is the Karl Lebherz Band and that I had brought it in in 2003 to replace the Edelweissband which had become too expensive. Commented a passerby: “Oh, so you are responsible for the noise.”

Enjoy some quiet photo impressions!

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Höhenrausch (Altitude Fever) in Linz

Höhenrausch.2 is an art exhibition currently going on in Linz, Austria. I got to see it as part of the social program of the annual OODACH meeting. It is a wooden walkway on top of several major inner city buildings in the city of Linz, with various art installations and fantastic views along the way. Below, please find some photo impressions.

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Mooncake Madness!! (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Day)

Tomorrow, Monday Sept 12, 2011, is Chinese Mid-autumn Festival Day. On this day, Chinese eat “mooncake”, a small cake or something maybe better called a large cookie. It is also an important present to give to others. Observing the madness of mooncake (present) shopping I can’t help but think that in the future this day will not be remembered as Mid-Autumn Festival Day but rather as Mooncake (Madness) Day, much like Thanksgiving Day in the United States turned into Turkey Day.

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