Amused in Penang

Indian-looking 7-eleven store clerk tries to speak Mandarin to two middle-aged Chinese-looking women. They respond in English by saying that they only speak Cantonese. He does not seem to understand English at all. Shall I, a white looking person, maximize the confusion by trying some of my school Mandarin?

The Magically Recharching T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

So there is a magically recharging prepaid SIM card out there, by T-Mobile. I even know its account number. It’s my old cell phone number that I had with T-Mobile. And yesterday I learned that I had been paying for someone else.

In a nutshell, I left the US three years ago but maintained a prepaid SIM card. I made regular payments to the account, to one VESTA *T-MOBILE according to my bank statements. There is more than $100 on that prepaid card, because these days I travel to the US only infrequently (1-4 times a year) and I don’t use the phone a lot.

When I touched down SFO this time, the phone wouldn’t work and I checked-in with the nearest T-Mobile store. They told me that the card had been expired and somebody else is using the account now.

  1. Despite my regular payments.
  2. And without ever telling me.
  3. While happily accepting my money.

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