Internet mattresses continued: Bett1 production variation

According to leading German consumer test Stiftung Warentest Bett1 provides the best Internet mattress. And I like them. But no two copies of the mattress seem to be the same. One of the mattresses below is already an exchange mattress. The previous one had a different height than left one. These two at least have the same height, but are of different length (officially, both are 200x80cm). Go figure.

The mattress cover is removable (already removed above) and so I matched the lower cover from one mattress with the upper cover from the other mattress. Quite a difference, how annoying.

Comparing Internet mattresses

With a new apartment and all the hype about Internet mattresses, I had to try them to find out what’s good and what works for my new bed.

Here is the low-down:

  Pros Cons
Bruno Best comfort and best look Too sweaty because of the latex layer; also, like with Emma, the mattress cover fit was too loose
Casper Good comfort and best fit of cover; unlike the others, which had to loose a fit, the cover stayed in place Poor production quality: Within the mattress cover, it had little bits and pieces of plastic spread around
Emma Good comfort, pretty much like Casper Like with Bruno, the cover did not stay in place, making it look ugly; also too soft a look for my taste
Eve Soso… This mattress is slimmer than the others and felt cheap to me; also the fire retardents stunk like hell

I liked the comfort of Bruno best; it also looked best.

Sadly Bruno, like Emma, couldn’t keep the mattress cover edges (the zipper where the top cover meets the rest of the cover) straight. This may only be a visual thing though.

Casper got the mattress cover edges straight, probably because of the tighter cover fit.

After these four mattresses all weren’t up to what I had expected after all the marketing hype, I skipped the others (Muun, etc.) and went with a different option.