Unboxing Japanese strawberries

Sometimes, my local supermarket offers extra-expensive Japanese strawberries. In the extreme case, each strawberry has been packaged individually. Price and packaging suggested (to me) superior taste, but I had never tried them. A few days ago, during evening shopping, the local supermarket pushed them right into my face, at a somewhat not completely ridiculous price. So I finally got to try Japanese strawberries. Watch the unwrapping unfold below, and don’t miss the surprising conclusion at the end!

So, were these strawberries worth the price? While cutting them up, many went directly into my mouth. And indeed, they were delicious, like strawberries should be. Ultimately, I believe they tasted like strawberries should and like how I remember them from my childhood, when we were sent into the strawberry fields to pluck them for ourselves. This then, is also my conclusion: The reason for the price and perhaps the reputation is near perfect logistics: The strawberries were exactly at that stage of ripeness, when they taste best. Compared with your average half-green not-yet-ripe strawberries that one usually buys, these strawberries were bound to taste better. So the actual achievement is to get regular strawberries to you when they should rather than you having to buy them, watch them, and guess for yourself when they are best to be eaten. Whether this is worth the extra money is up to everyone themselves to decide.

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