Where to Get Conch Shells on Anguilla

There used to be two ways. The first was to drive to the end of the road at Sandy Grounds, where Iva, the diver, lived. He was in the business of diving for, cooking, cleaning out, and polishing up conch shells (queen helmet, specifically). Alas, he died on May 2nd. Sammy, his son, did not take over the business. So now there is only one option. That’s Cake and his shack opposite the Viceroy. Unfortunately, Cake was still working on the one shell he had hoped to sell me—the flesh hadn’t come out yet. So, no shells for me. But I’ll be back.

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  1. I actually went there when running. Saw plenty of conch shells but they were all broken. I guess I didn’t climb far enough… Also, I think there is a difference between plain “raw” ones and those an experienced person polishes for presentation.

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