Fixed my U.S. Cell Phone Troubles!

To get started on the right foot, here a positive experience: I think I finally fixed my cell phone problems when travelling to the U.S.

Like many who don’t live in the U.S. I want to use a prepaid U.S. SIM card when traveling in the U.S. to keep phone charges in check. Like many more, I also want data service, not just phone service. For a long time, this combination was impossible without getting locked in into monthly contracts. However, earlier this year I was able to fix this problem on my last day of my last visit to the U.S.

I use a prepaid T-Mobile SIM card. A couple of months back they finally allowed for data on that SIM card and the matching prepaid plans. Very happy me. Alas, once in a while my travel plans didn’t work out as planned and so I missed the window in which to renew the prepaid plan and hence the card would get cancelled. Not so happy me. I just don’t want another to-track item in my calendar. Fortunately, a while back, I also noticed that automatic payments to that SIM card from a U.S. bank account will keep renewing the SIM card. So now I set these payments to minimum monthly payments ($10) and won’t have to worry again. Ever. I hope. Except that AT&T bought T-Mobile. Oh well.

If you wonder what’s the difference between a monthly plan and my solution: My payments keep piling up, include voice and data, and are at the minimum possible. Given that I barely use voice but mostly data, this is plenty for me.


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